Stay tuned for our next Women's Retreat on May 9, 2020 at the Samurai House by Waimea Bay.

We are honored to gather and uplift women at the beautiful oceanfront Samurai House on the North Shore of Oahu. Retreats include yoga, live music, sound healing, spa services, farm to table meals, and more!


Noelani Love

Offering Yoga, Live Music, Crystal Bowl Sound Healing and Vocal Activation

Native Hawaiian singer/songwriter Noelani Love blends conscious lyrics with ukulele melodies to empower her listeners.  As a young mother, jewelry designer and yoga teacher, Noelani’s motto is “Flow like water,” as she finds much of her inspiration in the ocean surfing.  With extensive training in mantra, kundalini + vinyasa yoga and traditional Hawaiian chanting and hula dance, Noelani enjoys connecting ancient wisdom to modern-day life with humor and grace.  Her work is in service to the rise of the divine feminine and masculine to create balance on Earth. As the Hawaiians say, "We are ohana (family)." Sing along to activate your own divine power by finding her music on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, Youtube.


Donna Rankin

Retreat Hostess and Facilitator

Donna Rankin is an Educator & Behavior Specialist by trade, with a passion for connecting with students, discovering their unique learning styles and strengths, and in nurturing a love for learning. She has a growth mindset and a belief that all things are possible.  She incorporates her love of yoga and meditation into her teaching style. Born and raised in Niagara, Canada, Donna migrated west to the Canadian Rockies where she taught, lived, loved and explored the incredible Rocky Mountains for several years before coming to Hawaii in 2003.  Donna loves being a part of the North Shore community, connecting with the natural environment as well as with the others, and along with her husband Damon, raising their two children in this tropical paradise! She looks forward to connecting with you


Alish O'Roarty Fernandez

Retreat Hostess and Facilitator

Alish O’Roarty-Fernandez is a corporate facilitator and mediator helping organizations in Hawai’I mitigate conflict through strategies for understanding human behavior, mutual empathy, and communication. Alish consults in Healthcare, Aviation, Engineering, Government, Retail, and Education and holds a M.A. in Organizational Psychology & Conflict Resolution from Columbia University. Alish has a dedicated spiritual practice of yoga philosophy and meditation and is the mother of two active boys.



Offering Numerology + Lomi Lomi

Sydney will lead a group Numerology Class during the Morning Retreat and will open up for individual sessions as well as Lomi Lomi massage after brunch and throughout the afternoon. 

1/2 hour numerology $30

1 hour numerology + Lomi Lomi

Sydney's Lomi Lomi practice is rooted in Hawaiian Spiritual Protocols that weave ancestral numerological and spiritualistic wisdom to amplify her connection to source in relation to the human body.  Her healing hands on manipulations of choice incluce Hawaiian Lomi Lomi (massage), lomi a'e (stepping), la au iwi (structural alignment), lomi 'aila (heated oil), and aroma touch (essential oils).  Intuitively guided by spirit, she feels into the body and what it may need, and assess and provide accordingly.  Her intention is to share her culture, and serve others as a vessel of light and aloha.

For Sydney Kapuahinano Coelho, the art of healing is both a gift and learned discipline. At Ho'okaulike, Sydney blends her knowledge of healing rooted in Hawaiian traditions with dedicated study to present a unique form of therapy. In translation from Hawaiian to English,  Ho'okaulike means to evenly balance. Ho'okaulike is created to aid and support that mission - seeking balance of our body, mind and spirit towards the piko, or one's center.



Offering Facials and Massage

Cali Goldberg was born and raised in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina and then moved to Hawaii in 2005 to become a licenses massage therapist in an environment that would also immerse her in plant medicine. A few years later she wanted to expand her career so she became a licensed cosmetologist. Her work is very intuitive and custom. Every client experiences a custom service each visit because every client is different, every single time. 

Massage ~ Having been inspired by an array of modalities throughout her massage career, including Quantum Energy Healing, Cali has fine tuned her intuition to give a completely custom massage for your mind, body & soul. A custom massage for each individual person, each and every time.

75 minutes, $100

Facial treatments will include neck, shoulder, and arm massage. 3 options to choose from.

75 minutes $80

Organic Pumpkin Enzyme Treatment

Exfoliating, nourishing & rejuvenating.

Illuminating, Brightening & Lightening

For more sensitive skin but beautiful for all skin types.

Vitamin C Boost

Exfoliating & revitalizing.

Book Directly with Cali 808-388-8804



Whitney is a trained and licensed master medical Aesthetician. Helping others to achieve their skin goals and dreams is one of her greatest passions! Her goal is to help you be as confident as possible in your own skin, with or without make up! The following treatments are a few of her most desired and popular services amongst her regular clients. Feel free to call Whitney with any questions and she can do an over the phone consultation with you.

Dermaplaning: Dermaplaning treatments consist of gently removing the first layer of dead skin and unwanted peach fuzz. This treatment leaves the skin brighter and smoother. With the removal of the dead skin using a medical grade blade, Dermaplaning allows the skin to absorb products and additional treatments at an increased absorption rate. We recommend pairing Dermaplaning with additional skincare services (chemical peel or Microneedling) for optimal results.

Microneedling:   Microneedling is a collagen induction therapy skin treatment. The Microneedling pen repeatedly punctures the skin with fine point needles in order to boost your skin’s natural collagen production. This is not a painful treatment, but numbing cream is provided for maximum comfort. Microneedling helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, hyper pigmentation, acne scarring and texture. This iconic treatment is increasingly popular amongst Hollywood celebrities and is rapidly becoming the industries best selling services!

Chemical peels are skincare treatments that help to improve the overall texture and tone of the skin. Chemical peels are gently applied to help remove layers of the skin to accomplish removal of discoloration and sunspots, resurfacing, and the reduction scarring. The appropriate peel option for you will be determined upon your consultation. 

Offering the services separately or for maximum benefits, the Youth Fairy Anti Aging Combo

Dermaplaning,  Microneedling, and Brightening Chemical Peel combined.

The combination of these treatments will help to achieve youthful looking skin.

Fill in fine lines, rejuvenate collagen, break-up sun spots, brighten, and slough off layers of dead skin. Downtime is 24-48 hours of feeling like a mild sunburn.

For Questions/Schedule an Appointment Text/Call Whitney at (702)806-4725



Alexandra is a Licensed Cosmetologist with a passion for purity and love.
She has a Native American background and healing hands.
Offering 'Backcials' & Blow Outs

Backcials: A Facial for your back.

Here in Hawaii, our backs are often exposed. Give your back some Love and deeply cleanse this hard to reach place. A back facial uses many techniques which you would receive on your face, and provides deep cleaning, masks and massage. This treatment covers your whole back, from shoulders to lower back. 

Alexandra uses O'o Hawaii products, an all natural, local company which uses the most beautiful, high functioning superfood level ingredients from nature that are from non-GMO sources, and when available, are grown organically in Hawaii.


Blow Out & Style:  Would you like to leave the retreat not only peaceful & nourished from the inside out, but also coiffed?  Alex is an amazing hairstylist who is offering a pampering blow out and style for $60

Please reach out to Alexandra directly to book your appointment time, 808.927.6544


Marley Beschen

Offering Welcome Music

Marley is twelve years old and has been performing live music since the age of five. She has a sweet voice and sings from her heart. She also plays guitar, ukulele, and piano.



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